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Hydro Excavation Solutions for Your Next Project

Saving time, money & the environment

Atlanta Hydrovac offers reliable and efficient hydroexcavation services for your excavation needs. Our hydro excavation process uses high-pressure water streams to dig into soil while simultaneously using a vacuum to remove the soil and water to a debris tank. Our methods are environmentally friendly, saving you time and money compared to traditional excavation methods.

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Hydro Excavation Solutions

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24/7 Emergency Services

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Slot Trenching

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Potholing & Daylighting

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Debris Removal

Explore Atlanta HydroVac's full range of services


We get dirty so you don't have to!

With over 100+ years of combined experience in Land Development, Construction, Utilities and Industrial Vacuuming Services, we have the knowledge & expertise to get your hydro excavation project done right!

We offer a full range of hydro excavation services to the industries of metro Atlanta and surrounding areas.

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