Potholing & Daylighting

Potholing or Daylighting is the process of excavating a hole in order to reveal locations of underground utilities for the purpose of locating, inspection, and/or repair.

Hydro Excavation is much safer, cleaner, more cost effective, and more precise than traditional means of excavation such as the use of a backhoe or manual labor. Digging with heavy machinery carries with it the risk of damage to the utilities themselves and the risk of damage or injury to objects or people in the surrounding area. Heavy machinery also moves more dirt than is necessary and costs more when backfilling and cleaning up. Hand digging is very labor intensive, time consuming, and will also create more work when backfilling because of the unprecise nature of manual excavation. Potholing is also a very efficient means of digging for the installation of poles, signs, fences, etc.
Potholing & Daylighting

Potholing & Daylighting with
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